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History and Geography of Childrey

Childrey is a village and civil parish located in Oxfordshire, about 2+1/2 miles (4km) west of Wantage. The parish was part of the Wantage Rural District in Berkshire until 1974 when the boundary changed. It is a spring line settlement on the escarpment of the Berkshire Downs, covering an area of just over 2,700 acres (1,100 ha). The highest point is a chalk hill on The Ridgeway about 2 miles (3 km) south of the village, which is at least 750 feet (230 m) high.

Unprecedented Discovery

During an excavation in Childrey in 2019, experts from Thames Water and Cotswold Archaeology unearthed 26 skeletons, most of which are believed to date back to the Iron Age. This unprecedented discovery comes as a shock to many, as this is the first time that a possible history of human sacrifice has been uncovered from this period in British history.

Uncovering the Dark History

The discovery of the Childrey Warren graves is particularly unique because of the unusual poses of the remains found. One skeleton in particular, believed to be a woman, was found with her arms bound behind her back and her feet cut off. This evidence has led experts to believe that these people may have been victims of human sacrifice.

Exploring the Beliefs of the Iron Age

The discovery of the Childrey Warren graves has opened up a new window into the beliefs of people who lived during the Iron Age in England. It is an invitation to explore and try to understand the beliefs and cultures of this period in history, as well as to gain new insights into how people lived and died thousands of years ago.

Childrey Village Hall

Childrey Village Hall first opened its doors in 1896 and has been a part of the landscape of the village ever since. The hall itself is a beautiful building and has been home to a number of different events over the years. It is the ideal venue for hosting special occasions, weddings, parties, and much more.

The Village Pond

The village pond has existed for centuries and was used for watering livestock. It is a tranquil area and a great spot for a peaceful walk. The pond is also a great place for fishing and other recreational activities, such as bird watching.

Ridgeway C of E Primary School

Ridgeway C of E Primary School opened its doors in 1913 as the parish school for Childrey. The school has undergone a number of changes over the years, including a merger with the school in nearby Letcombe Regis in 1998 and an extension of the buildings in 2000. The school provides a high quality education for the local children of Childrey and the surrounding area.

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