Discover the Highest Village in Berkshire

Natural Beauty

Farnborough is a village and civil parish in West Berkshire, about 4 miles (6.4 km) south of Wantage. With 720 feet (220 m) of elevation above sea level, Farnborough is the highest village in Berkshire. The area is known for its natural beauty, with rolling hills and lush greenery that offer picturesque views.

Historical Landmarks

Farnborough is home to a number of historical landmarks, including the remains of a Saxon ringwork, a mediaeval church and a Jacobean Manor House. These landmarks are a testament to Farnborough’s rich history and give visitors a unique glimpse into the past.

Local Amenities

Farnborough offers a range of local amenities, including a pub, a village hall and a cricket club. The village of Catmore is also nearby, offering amenities such as a post office and a shop. Visitors can also explore the local area on foot, with a number of trails available in the surrounding countryside.H1: Discover the History of Farnborough

Uncovering the Origins of the Name

Old English Origins

Farnborough’s toponym is derived from Old English and means “fern-clad hills”. The word “borough” is actually derived from beorg, which means a mountain, hill, or tumulus – not burh, which means a fortified settlement.

9th Century Document

A 9th-century document records the manor as Feornberge. It appears as Fearnbeorgan in the Cartularium Saxonicum in records from AD 916 and 931. Other 10th-century documents record it as Fearnbornthaen, Fearbeorh, and Feornbeorh.

Domesday Book

The Domesday Book of 1086 records it as Fermeberge. Later forms include Fernbergam in the 12th century and Fearnberughe, Ferenburgh and Farnberg in the 13th century.

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