West Challow

Welcome to West Challow – A Small and Peaceful Village in the Vale of White Horse

Picturesque Countryside

West Challow is a small and peaceful village in the Vale of White Horse. Here, you can explore the beauty of the surrounding countryside with its rolling hills and lush fields. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the banks of Childrey Brook, or take in the breathtaking views of the Oxfordshire landscape.

Historic Country Pubs

West Challow is home to several historic country pubs, including The Crown Inn and The Bell Inn. Enjoy a refreshing pint of ale in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, or sample some of the local delicacies from the pub’s menu.

St Laurence Church

St Laurence Church is a Grade I listed building in West Challow. The Church is part of the Benefice of Ridgeway and offers weekly services for parishioners. Visitors are welcome to explore the church and its grounds, taking in the beautiful architecture and tranquil atmosphere.

The First Attestation of Challow

The place name Challow was first attested in a charter of 947, in the Old English phrase “to Ceawan Hlewe”. This can be translated as “to Ceawa’s burial mound”, with Ceawa being a personal name attested only here and in the place-name Chawridge.

Variations Over Time

The name of Challow has seen various variations over time. In the 12th century it was recorded as Ceveslane, before going on to be spelt Chaulea, Chaulauhe, Chawelawe and Shawelawe in the 13th century.

Unlocking the History

At Challow, we strive to uncover and celebrate the history of the area. We believe that by learning about the past, we can look toward the future with a greater understanding of our place in the world.

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