Charney Bassett

Explore Charney Bassett – A Village and Civil Parish in Oxfordshire

History of Charney Bassett

Charney Bassett is a village and civil parish located in the Vale of White Horse, Oxfordshire. It was part of Berkshire until the 1974 boundary changes transferred it to Oxfordshire. The 2011 Census recorded the parish population as 314. The River Ock flows through it, and divides here for a mile or so.

Archaeology of Charney Bassett

In 1978 Thames Water dredged a prehistoric flint axe-head from the River Ock in the parish. About 1 mile (1.6 km) north of the village, between Charney and Pusey is Cherbury Camp, an Iron Age earthwork. It looks like the nearby hill forts on the Berkshire Downs but is unusual in being built on more or less level ground, away from any hill.

Explore Charney Bassett

Explore the rich history and archaeology of Charney Bassett. From the ancient flint axe-head dredged from the River Ock to the Iron Age earthwork situated between Charney and Pusey, there is plenty to discover in this charming village and civil parish. Come and explore what Charney Bassett has to offer and uncover its secrets!

A Land Grant to Abingdon Abbey

Charney Bassett has been settled since the Anglo-Saxon era. The earliest known records of the locality’s history records a grant of land to the Abbot of Abingdon Abbey in 811. This grant of land is the earliest recorded evidence of the existence of Charney Bassett.

The Meaning of Charney

The surrounding area was largely marshland and the meaning of Charney is “island in the River Cearn”. This was an alternative name for the River Ock, that runs close by, and which supplies the mill stream.

Joan Vokins: The Quaker Evangelist

In about 1630 the Quaker evangelist Joan Vokins was born to Thomas Bunce of Charney. Joan Vokins was a prominent leader in the Quaker movement in the seventeenth century and she was the first woman to preach in public in England. Her birthplace in Charney Bassett is a testament to the historic importance of the locality.

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