Although this website is mostly my work, most of the time (including the errors and omissions of course) I have certainly had, and appreciated, help from a number of people over the years. Here they are…

Christian Noll – Christian and I came up with the idea of a town website back in 1997. Quite pioneering in some ways. The appearance has changed somewhat over the years, but the underlying aims of the website remain – to provide a self-funded community website to inform (and maybe even entertain) the residents of and the visitors to Wantage and Grove plus our nearby OX12 villages.

Roger Sweet – His brilliant website is an excellent source of village information and great photos. Roger has very kindly allowed us to use some of his photos. Note that they remain his copyright!

Keith Diment – for writing the Twinning pages.

Sally Wallington – for her Letcombe Brook page.

Graham Hubbard – for co-writing the folk music and dance page.

Peter Kent – for providing photos – particularly his excellent Summer Festival album.

Annie Hill – always ready with helpful ideas and keeping me right.

Philippa Kendall – logo design

Wills Joyce – Winter photos

Contributors from our community are always needed… Any volunteers…?

If I’ve missed anyone out, apologies. Please shout…

Howard Hill
May 2013

PS if you have a sudden urge to provide financial acknowledgement of my hard work over the last <big number> years, then please consider making a donation using the PayPal donation button on the Home Page. Thanks :O)

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