Wantage in WW1

World War 1 played a significant role in the history of Wantage, a market town located in Oxfordshire, England. During the early part of the 20th century, Wantage served as an important recruiting ground for soldiers who were eager to make their mark defending Britain during WW1. Over 500 local men and women volunteered to serve in the armed forces throughout the course of the war, with many of them coming from upper-class families whose sons had originally moved from London to Wantage to escape poverty.

Wantage was known for its patriotic spirit and resilience during this difficult time. Locals raised money for soldiers who needed financial aid and supported charities that helped those wounded on the battlefield or suffering from illness or injury due to their service in WW1. The town also organized several public events, such as concerts and parades, to raise awareness about the war effort and boost morale among both civilians and soldiers alike.

During World War 1, Wantage became a hub of activity as two large military camps were built just outside of town: RAF Grove and RAF Uffington. These camps were used to train new recruits as well as provide treatment for wounded service personnel during wartime. In addition, several factories were set up throughout Wantage which manufactured uniforms and other essential supplies for troops stationed overseas.

Needless to say, World War 1 left an indelible mark on Wantage’s history – not only in terms of its physical landscape but also in its collective memory. Even today, there are reminders of this tumultuous period all around – from memorials dedicated to fallen soldiers scattered across town squares to monuments which commemorate those who lost their lives while fighting bravely against enemy forces abroad.

Wantage’s proud legacy during World War 1 serves as a reminder that even during times of great hardship and sorrow we can come together and persevere through our shared strength and courage. A testament to this is still visible today through both tangible relics that linger upon its streets – providing us with an invaluable reminder of our past – yet also echoed by stories told by generations passed down through families that are still living in this charming little English market town today

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