Wantage in the 12th Century

The English town of Wantage has a deep and rich history that dates back to the early 1200s. During this period, it served as an important trading center for both local goods and goods from abroad. The town was situated on a heavily trafficked Roman road, making it an ideal location for merchants and travelers to stop off at while they were journeying between different destinations.

At this time, Wantage was part of the royal estate of King Henry III. He visited the town often, particularly during the 1220s when he was trying to raise funds for his campaigns in Wales. This period saw Wantage become an increasingly important trading hub, with wealthy merchants visiting the area in order to purchase high-end products from all over Europe.

In 1243, King Henry III granted a charter to Wantage which allowed it to host fairs twice a year. This made it even more attractive as a trading center as merchants could now purchase items from far-flung places such as France and Italy without having to travel long distances themselves. This charter also enabled the townspeople to organize their own markets which would attract traders from further away than ever before.

The 13th century saw Wantage continue to thrive as a prosperous market town with craftsmen setting up shop in the area and businesses expanding rapidly due to increased trade. In addition, its proximity to Oxford meant that scholars and religious figures were frequent visitors too – many of them staying in one of the numerous inns that had opened up around this time (the oldest surviving one being The Bear).

These days, many aspects of Wantage’s medieval past can still be seen throughout the town – most notably in its architecture which still reflects much of its medieval heritage. As such, those who take the time to explore all that is available here will get an insight into what life was like during this period – something that is sure not just captivate but also educate them along their journey through time!

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