The Royal Scots Guards Visit Wantage

The Royal Scots Guards visited Wantage in 2011 to commemorate the 350th Anniversary of the Battle of Edgehill. The visit was part of a special program that included several military units visiting England, including a flyover by the Red Arrows and an appearance at the Wantage Market Place.

The Royal Scots Guards is one of the oldest and most distinguished regiments in the British Army, having been founded in 1642. The regiment has fought all over the world during its long history, from the War of Spanish Succession to both World Wars and more recent conflicts such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Royal Scots Guards arrived in Wantage with full military honors on October 22nd, 2011. They were welcomed by local dignitaries at a ceremony held on West Street before heading to St. Mary’s Church for services commemorating fallen soldiers from different conflicts. Afterward, they took part in a parade through town with colors flying and drums beating to mark their arrival.

At Wantage Market Place, members of the public had an opportunity to meet some of the soldiers who make up this elite group. They spoke with veteran guardsmen about their life experiences while admiring their uniforms and weapons which have changed little since World War II times. It was truly remarkable to see these brave men and women marching proudly through town in celebration of their long history serving Britain.

This visit was also made even more special as it marked the first time that both active duty personnel and veterans could join together to honor those who served before them. This included a special concert featuring many traditional military songs playing tribute to those who gave their lives for our country’s freedom; proceeds from this event went towards maintaining war memorials throughout Britain.

The Royal Scots Guards visit to Wantage was one that will be remembered for years to come; not just for how it delighted locals with colorful processions but also for how it honored those who had served so bravely before them. This celebration marked an important milestone in British history with its poignant reminder of past sacrifices made by many generations before us – ones that will never be forgotten

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