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Music in the Marketplace



Music in the Marketplace

  • Music in the Marketplace involves buskers in Wantage Marketplace during Saturday mornings May to September
  • It is a warm welcome to Saturday shoppers, residents and visitors during the Summer
  • It is an opportunity to collect donations and give the cash to local charities
  • Started by Howard Hill in 2008

Charities supported by Music in the Marketplace

Manor Road Park Refurbishment, Wantage Food Bank, Wantage Blind Club, October Club, Air Ambulance, Sobell House, Hen Rescue Centre, Sweatbox, Vale and Downland Museum, Oxfordshire Mind, Maggie’s Centre, Wantage Street Pastors, Little People, Helen and Douglas House, Wantage Advice Centre, Pandemonium, Wantage Rejuvenated. In addition, Pandemonium has done a few specials, such as the Haiti Earthquake Appeal, Ebola Crisis, Iraq Crisis, Help for Heroes (Lee Rigby). We’ve also joined a few of Ray Collins’ local fund raising events.

A letter of support from Ed Vaizey

Letter from Ed Vaisey MP

Letter from Ed Vaisey MP

Music in the Marketplace 2017

Lots of performers are booked in and ready to go!

Music in the Marketplace 2016

PERFORMERS: Quintessence, Rosehips Belly Dancers, Sarah Fell, Pandemonium, St Denys’ Handbell Ringers, HUG (Hendred Ukulele Group), Flower of the Quern, Al Jenkins, Brian Staton, Mad Hatters, Vale Island Dancers (17th century), Edward Fitzgibon and the Songbirds.

Music in the Marketplace 2015

PERFORMERS: Quintessence, Rosehips Belly Dancers, Cornucopia Appalachian Dancers, Eloise Rees and Co, Polecat, Dave Oakes, Reuben’s Rocket, Nick Ruck and Sharon Harman, Shotgun Weather Ferret, Sarah Fell, Pandemonium, St Denys’ Handbell Ringers, HUG (Hendred Ukulele Group) and Flower of the Quern

Music in the Marketplace 2014

PERFORMERS: Melobo, Dave Oakes, Cornucopia, Nick Ruck, Brian and Wende, Sarah Fell, Quintessence, Polecat, Howard and The Chicken Lady, Flower of the Quern, Reuben’s Rocket, Trev Williams, Pandemonium, Maddie Pound and Rose Hips.

Music in the Marketplace 2013

PERFORMERS: Howard and friends (various combinations of individuals and groups Melobo, Shotgun Weather Ferret, Pandemonium and Greengage).

Music in the Marketplace 2012

Howard and Friends

Music in the Marketplace 2011

Howard and Friends

Music in the Marketplace 2010

Howard and Friends

Music in the Marketplace 2009


Music in the Marketplace 2008

Greengage. I formed the folk band “Greengage” (Howard, Justin, Charlotte and Graham) to play Music in the Marketplace in support of events organised by the “Wantage Rejuvenated” committee of the Wantage Chamber of Commerce (headed up by Lou Hatter).

Music in the Marketplace says “Thank You”

Thank You to The Bear Hotel in Wantage who kindly allow us to use their mains electric during our performances.
Thank You to Mim and Iain of Wantage Town Team (part of Wantage Town Council) who have helped out at various times.
Thank You to Wantage Town Council for permission to perform.
Thank You to all my fabulous music friends!
Thank You to Lynn Christer (our regular photographer) and other photographers (Annie Hill, Howard Hill, David White, Peter Kent, Annette Edwards)
Thank You to all those who donate cash so generously.

People of Wantage 2013 - Pandemonium

Pam and Howard of “Pandemonium” – as featured on the excellent Facebook page “People of Wantage”

Howard Hill
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