White Horse Croquet Club
We are a small, friendly local club
Jennifer Carter
OX12 7HD
01235 768453

We are based at Wantage Cricket Ground in Charlton Village Road, Wantage.  We enjoy play on two lawns set out in the outfield of the cricket ground and are also able to take advantage of the facilities of the Cricket Club Pavilion.

The game is easily learned yet you can spend a long time perfecting the various techniques required for really top standards of play. All this among a sociable membership who enjoy the small (usually) element of competitiveness and some gentle exercise in the fresh air.

We welcome beginners of all ages and offer free tuition and use of the club equipment (mallets, hoops and balls) to all members. No special clothing is required other than flat soled shoes although some members choose to wear white slacks/skirts and white tops.

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