Save #Wantage Community Hospital

Wantage Community Hospital is scheduled to close in the summer due to Legionella bacteria in the water system. The NHS trust will not confirm the hospital will re-open after the repairs. Improvements have been made on the building recently and it is a concern that the 'private' care home next door will absorb the building. This hospital is vital to local people. The hospital was build from local … continue reading

Ed Vaizey’s Parish News April 2016 #wantage #edvaizey

During March I met with the Environment Agency to discuss their work across the constituency. An area of concern was that only 59% of the 1,578 properties at risk of flooding from rivers were registered to receive their Flood Warnings Direct service. The service is the Environment Agency’s free 24 hour warning service for properties at risk of flooding from main rivers. You can find out if your … continue reading

Toc H launched #Wantage

During the horrors of the First World War, an army chaplain, The Revd Philip ‘Tubby’ Clayton set up rest house for soldiers of all ranks at Talbot House, Poperinge, Belgium. The house was run on egalitarian lines, a key motto being   “All rank abandon, ye who enter here” After the war Tubby set up a movement called Toc H, named after the signaller’s parlance for Talbot House. The, movement was … continue reading

Mayor of Wantage Ball 2016 #wantage

You can book a full table, a part table or single tickets NOW from The Beacon or by contacting me directly on wantagemayor@leahouse.com. Please support this event on 6th May 2016 to raise money for Cancer Research Wantage. Dig out those flares, splash on the Brut/spray or some Charlie and prepare to pull some moves to Saturday Night Fever or The Hustle under the glitter ball. Download … continue reading

Videos of independent shops in #Wantage

“Shop Local” is the message of a new short film series featuring owners of Wantage’s independent town centre shops. It’s the latest initiative by Wantage’s town team to promote the great range of independent shops in the town centre. There are seven short films – one promoting the town centre independent shops as a whole, and six focusing on the independent shops on individual streets or areas … continue reading

What’s In Store – new town guides

The Wantage Town Team have produced a couple of really useful guides for Wantage. What's In Store - Shopping What's In Store - Food, Drink & Accommodation You can see the guides on our What's In Store page For more information email Mim Norvell via mims@talktalk.net or call her on 07969 797322, or email Iain Nicholson via iain@prbi.co.uk or call him on 07930 453883. … continue reading


The bridge is coming along nicely at Wantage road station. ... See MoreSee Less

The bridge is coming along nicely at Wantage road station.

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Russell SaveallDont look any different to what i remember mate

1 day ago   ·  1

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Derrick BullI took this picture on the 19th April. Not much longer to wait now me thinks.

Attachment1 day ago


Sara VarneyI think its due to open in July.

1 day ago

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Alistair MenziesI still don't get how it's all going to join up to the existing road 🤔🤔

22 hours ago   ·  2

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Brian StovoldSlewed in. Road will go slightly right across bridge and then merge back into old road.

21 hours ago


Alistair MenziesSurely it will slew right in front of the Volunteer front door ??

21 hours ago   ·  1


Robert WoolfordGreat stuff, I must admit the battleship grey electric overhead gantries on the tracks stand out wonderfully against the countryside background. Great thinking!

21 hours ago


Suzie CurranTaking forever

19 hours ago


Maxine GillHow's it working are we going over the grey bit don't understand

6 hours ago


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What are parents opinions on St. Nicholas CofE primary school in East Challow? Thanks ... See MoreSee Less

Dave LambleTerrible....

2 weeks ago


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